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What we do

Our waste management system is based on saving all recyclable goods for the local economy, producing renewable electricity and fertilizer, based on highest social and environmental standards.

Who we are

Waste Works WTW GmbH, is a merger between experienced experts of the German biogas technology and a strong global capital investor. The partners and managing directors of Waste Works GmbH have been involved from the very beginning of the technology development in Germany, starting 1994 with own organic waste biogas plants, until today. This documents the great continuity and practical experience in the construction and operation of our biogas plants. We gained special experience in sorting the waste as well as in the continuous operation of such plants in all conceivable situations. Companies can only be successful through difficult tasks - like us. From the very beginning, Maxime was a modular company structure with many different and efficient suppliers or component manufacturers according to the specifications of the WTW technology developments. This laid the foundation for the flexible structure required today in today's volatile market developments. The shareholders of WTW were deeply convinced from the outset that biogas should remain primarily a technology for the processing of all types of agricultural or other organic wastes. The company has specialized in this field and currently possesses one of the few proven solutions for the multi-stage biogas process, globally.

Our Work

Technology of our high-performance biogas plants

From the beginnings of biogas technology in Germany, we have developed the current technology of multi-stage high-performance biogas plants for use in the waste-, food industry or agricultural sector over many years. This also includes all agricultural raw materials that can be used in normal biogas systems only with difficulty or in small quantities. The modular container system for the Hydrolysis units with feeding device, which has been in practice for about 5 years, is a particular advantage in the construction and operation of the plants.

Plant example with 1.4 MW, in the Rostock area, Germany Our state-of-the-art plant, with a capacity of 1.4 MW, has been in continuous operation in the Rostock area of Germany since the end of 2013. Raw materials are primarily agricultural waste. Our system allows you to quickly change substrates such as solid manure, grass or agricultural waste according to market availability and price. The plant is already in regulated grid operation, which means that the CHP plants are regulated by the grid operator according to the electricity demand.

Plant example with 250 kW, in the Toulouse area, France A very special high-performance biogas plant was commissioned at the end of 2014 in the Toulouse area. The only raw material used is 100% sheep manure. The world's first plant with 100% manure - thanks to our multi-stage high-performance process and the upstream hydrolysis container.